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The first step to creating a powerful marketing strategy is to understand your competition, your market, your customers, and determine what sets your product and/or service apart. Everyone on your team should have a clear picture of what your core value proposition is, what is your primary marketing message, who your target customers are, and what is your brand promise.

PopTech Studio knows how to successfully reach your target audience [right audience, right message, right time]. The following questions will help PopTech Studio properly design and execute a marketing strategy that will beat your competition and exceed your target revenue goals. Please fill out all of the fields below.

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    Who are the main competitors? Please list at least 5 URLs of the top companies.

    Briefly tell us who your target customers are (define your customer)?

    List the top 10 Keywords that a person searching for your product/service are using?

    What is your current revenue?

    What is your short, mid, and long-term revenue goals? List 1) 2) 3)

    Do you understand your competitors strengths? Please review some of your competitors and briefly list some of the strengths that you see. e.g. price, value, bundles with price, speed of service, customer service, quality of... etc...

    Do you understand your competitors weaknesses? Please briefly list some of the weaknesses.

    What is your key value proposition to your product and/or service that sets your business apart from your competition?

    What are your company’s primary marketing message and brand promise?

    What is your monthly marketing budget?

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